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Our Mission

Jesus asks us ‘reach out.’ When we do, we get to meet HIM. He asks us to go into the darkness and be a part of HIS plan to pull people out. It is HE that saves and we are honored to walk alongside Him in His mission (2 Corinthians 5;18). Our mission is to practically demonstrate the love of Jesus to all people the Lord has called us to live amongst as well as to serve alongside.

Our Heart

• Love the Lord our God with all of our heart, with all of our soul with all of our mind…

It is from this place we are able to:

• Love our neighbor as ourselves.

• We believe that Jesus is really the answer to all needs.

• We desire to equip missionaries and other outreach partners with resources to tangibly demonstrate the love of Jesus to all individuals the Lord brings our way to minister to.

Our Purpose

We exist to meet people where they are at—just as Jesus demonstrates in the Bible. We seek to follow His example to going to the places where the people are at, believing that He has anointed all believers to preach good news and carry HIS light.

We love our neighbors and want to meet needs and share and BE Jesus’ Hands & Feet to those around us. This is a way we can spend time with each person who comes and pray for their spiritual needs as well as meet a physical need in the arena of clothing and household items.


We always need volunteers. Youth groups or families are welcome. We’d love to have your help, whether it’s with sorting donations, counseling those who need assistance, volunteering your services downtown, or donating clothes to keep the racks stocked.

If you have something to donate, please contact us to schedule a drop off. Our needs are seasonal, so it’s always best to check the list of needs below and call the people in charge.

Major Needs




Home Goods


Guidelines for Donations

1. To keep the Pantry neat and accessible, please drop off your offerings in the Fellowship Hall in the designated area.

2. If you have clothing that needs to remain hung, please hang in the coat room area on the main floor in the area designated by a Pantry sign.

3. Please offer items that are in “like new” condition. Please clean all items very well.

4. Please offer clothing that is washed and pressed; modest (in form, fashion, and message); and “like new” condition.

5. The items will be gone through and those best suited for the pantry will be kept. The rest will be donated elsewhere or discarded.

6. Also, to keep the Pantry neat and accessible, please consider storing items, especially larger ones, at your home and placing a note that you have items available on the designated marker board in the Pantry.

7. It is hoped to offer commonly used, healthy food items and household sundries in the Pantry.



If you have specific needs, please write your name, contact information and need on the index card provided and place in locked box. Your request will be handled confidentially.


This is a MINISTRY. All volunteers are trained by our ministry staff. Call Bob to get involved 570-617-4620

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